Welcome to Jeju Island, Korea!

Located southwest of the Korean Peninsula, Jeju Island is a popular tourist destination among domestic and international travelers alike for its beautiful and pristine natural scenery.

Jeju Island is a unique place worldwide, holding the honors of the natural science area such as UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve [2002], UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site [2007] and UNESCO World Geoparks Network [2010]. Jeju Island also consists of all elements for global natural sight theme, including island, volcano, waterfall, beaches, national park, cave and forest.

Also, The reason why Jeju was able to be settled as the best place for the conference is its geographical position. Being located at the center of Northeast Asia, there are direct flights to Jeju from hub airports of the major cities in Northeast Asia. For domestic flight, more than 200 flights are available each day (round-trip). For more information

Enjoy the Jeju Attractions!

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, which is 180m above sea level, erupted underwater in the ocean about 5,000 years ago, which makes it a very rare case among the many craters in Jejudo Island.

Hallasan Mountain

As one of Korea’s 3 spirit mountains, Hallasan Mountain is located on the southernmost part of the Korean Peninsula, and lays claim to the title of South Korea’s tallest mountain with the height of 1,950m above sea level.

Jeju Olle Trail

The Jeju Olle Trail, featured in the "Top 10 Best Coastal Walks" by the UK-based magazine Active Traveller, is a renowned hiking path on Jeju Island, offering a scenic journey through diverse natural landscapes with various courses. Particularly near ICC, the 8th course of the Olle Trail seamlessly blends urban and natural experiences.On this Badang Olle(seaside walk), you will have the opportunity to hike past Joosang Jeolli where lava flowed to the ocean cooled down to form striking hexagonal columns of basalt and the Yerae Ecological Park full of seasonal flowers. The route ends at Daepyeong-ri, a charming village that exudes warmth and tranquility, harmonizing seamlessly with breathtaking views of Gunsan and the mountain that commands the landscape.

Route 8 Course (Wolpyeong → Daepyeong Olle)
Wolpyeong Awenangmok → Yakcheon-sa (temple) → Daepo-pogu (port) → Joosang Jeolli (columnar joint) → Berinnae Gazebo → Nonjitmul → Daepyeong-pogu)

Main Attractions