As the conference is around the corner, we would like to, once again, express our appreciation for your contributions to CEFC 2024. Regarding your presentation, please kindly find the presentation instruction and other detailed information.

Oral presentations

  • Each oral presentation will be given 20 minutes including Q&A.
  • Session rooms will be ready with laptop computers installed with MS PowerPoint, which the speakers are encouraged to use for their presentations in order to avoid delays in schedule.
    (It is not recommended to bring your own laptop computer (especially MacBook) unless your presentation requires any special software and/or hardware)
  • The speakers are advised to bring their PowerPoint presentation files on USB memory sticks and be also ready with a backup version of their presentations.
    Please transfer the file to the laptop computer in the session room during the break before the sessions
  • Speakers are expected to arrive at the session room 15 minutes BEFORE the start of their sessions to report to the session chair.
  • Please use the appropriate presentation template available below.

Poster Presentations

The authors of the digests accepted for poster presentations are expected asked to prepare their posters in advance, display them on the designated panels during your poster session.

** Please be noted that the venue does not provide printing facility for posters.

  • Put-up/Take-down Time:
    Poster Session Put-up Presentation Take-down
    Poster Session 1
    09:00-13:00 13:30-15:00 15:00-17:00
    Poster Session 2
    09:00-11:00 11:20-12:30 15:30-17:00
    Poster Session 3
    09:00-13:30 14:00-15:30
    Poster Session 4
    09:00-11:00 11:20-12:30 15:30-17:00
    Poster Session 5
    09:00-13:30 14:00-15:30
    ** Please ensure to take your posters down during the take-down time.
    The posters remaining unattended after the session will be discarded.
  • Location: 3F, Lobby
  • Poster Panel Size: 0.9m and 1.7m in width and height, respectively.
  • Each poster should include the digest title, authors, and affiliation and must fit within a 841mm x 1189mm space (A0 format).
  • Each presentation code will be shown on the board.
  • Tapes, scissors and thumbtacks will be provided for your use.
    (Use of double-sided tape is prohibited)
  • Please use the appropriate presentation template available below.