“Beauty meets Brains at ICC Jeju”

Magnificent nature, abundant Tourist Assets, Convenient Access and Lodgings, Warm and Friendly People are the descriptions of Jeju, a worldly renowned resort in terms of its recreation and tourism. And on this gorgeous island, there lies a top-notch convention center: International Convention Center Jeju aka ICC JEJU.

ICC JEJU is located in the Jungmun Tourist Complex with the cobalt-blue Northern Pacific stretching on the south and towering Mt. Hallasan in the north. Spreading over an area of more than 5,000㎡, the world-class convention center is a 7-story building. Artfully blending tourist resources and convention facility, this resort-style convention center is fully equipped for international meetings of any scale and provides professional logistic support in events hosting.

For all these reasons, ICC JEJU is certainly an ideal site for conferences.

For more information: ICC Jeju